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Fast Vascular Access

In an emergency situation, every second counts. The Arrow® EZ-IO® Intraosseous Vascular Access System from Teleflex provides proven,1 fast,2 and effective3 intraosseous vascular access in emergent, urgent or medically necessary cases.
The Arrow® EZ-IO® System enables rapid delivery of fluids and medication, which is key to treatment of cardiac arrest, septic shock and trauma cases. Studies show:
  • sm_vct1
    97% first-attempt success rate 4
  • sm_vct1
    Achieve vascular access within 10 seconds 2
  • sm_vct1
    Safe; <1% serious complication rate 1
  • sm_vct1
    3 seconds to heart with medication/fluids 3

See why the Arrow® EZ-IO® System has been the IO vascular access device of choice, with more than 3 million needles sold and currently used in more than 80 countries.7


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Potential complications may include local or systemic infection, hematoma, extravasations, or other complications associated with percutaneous insertion of sterile devices.

Rx only. See Instructions For Use for detailed information regarding the Instructions For Use, Contraindications, Potential Adverse Events, Warnings, and Cautions. This material is not intended to replace standard clinical education and training by Teleflex Incorporated and should be utilized as an adjunct to more detailed information which is available about the proper use of the product.

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